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1. When can I start? When should I register?

Each decides when it starts and when its project ends - they work the year round and the dates depend on one. There are no definite deadlines for registration as we voluntarily accept volunteers. Generally we need at least 2 months to process an application comfortably, because we like to receive the requests as much time in advance as possible - so if they already have decided what they want to do, fill out the form and register. The longer you do, the more time you have to prepare your project. Sometimes we only need a couple of weeks, depending on the project (LAST  MINUTE).

2. What do I get from this program?
The program is an excellent opportunity to combine the adventure of a trip abroad with valuable activity. In addition to gaining experience that stands out in your resume, you will enhance your social skills such as teamwork, presentation and communication. Above all, this is a unique opportunity to obtain a perspective on a culture and way of life completely different from our own, which is increasingly necessary in our globalized world.

3. Where can I go?
We have programs available in Colombia, Peru, Nepal and Kenya

4. What kind of programs are available?
They can be part of our programs of Teaching, Social Work, Business, Journalism, Animal Care, Sports, Arts, Environmental Conservation, Construction and Reconstruction, English, French, Spanish and German. They could also do their thesis research with us.

5. How long do projects / programs last?
Each one decides the duration of his project. Out of our 2 week special programs, our projects are flexible and most last for a month or more (some projects only last 2 weeks so please visit our pricing page to check if the project of your interest is available ). Most volunteers participate between 2 to 4 months. The prices of our basic programs are for 1, 2 or 3 months; You can then add the amount of extra months you want. These limitations are due to visa restrictions and work permits. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding visas or at the time you want to stay in one of our destinations.

6. Can I combine projects?
Yes, you can combine projects; Both in the same country and from one country to another.

7. What are the costs?
Please visit the pricing page for details about the cost of the program of your interest. You will gain an extraordinary learning experience, discover skills you did not know - and you will experience incredible moments. Our partner schools and other partner organizations can barely pay their own staff, so we make sure that no organization or individual in developing countries has to pay anything. We do not receive funds from any government or other types of external financing

8. What does the amount I pay include?
Our costs cover all your food, lodging, transport to and from your project, and the constant support of our personal expert in  your destination country. Our costs are important because they enable us to provide you with good service and full support. They do not include the costs of international airfare or additional travel in the country of destination, or medical and travel insurance.

9. Are meals included in the cost?
With the exception of your travels or a social outing, all meals are provided.

10. Can I go with my friend or boyfriend?
Friends, couples, and husbands or wives are welcome, in fact we have a Solidarity Honeymoon Program in all our destiny. According to their desire we can organize programs where they can work and live together.


11. Will I need immunizations?

This will depend on where you decide to go. Since we are not doctors, we can not give you official advice, so you better talk to your doctor, who will be willing to advise you on what you may need. Please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control in your country for more information on injections, medications, etc.

13. What is the age range of the people involved in these projects?
Volunteers are welcome from the age of 16 to 75. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years of age, but a growing number of families with children and retirees are also registering.

14. What requirements do I need?
It is not necessary to have specific requirements - only a reasonable knowledge of the English language. It is not necessary to have experiences in teaching. Some projects need some language skills; You can see more about this in the specific page of each program / project.

15. Do I need to know the local language?
Most of our projects do not require a specific language and few volunteers speak the local language of the destination country before traveling. Teaching volunteers, for example, who teach English, will do so in English; This is what local schools prefer. There are some exceptions where it is necessary to have a basic knowledge in the middle of the local language. This is often in professional projects such as journalism. In many countries it is possible to pass local language courses.

16. Is this open to all nationalities?
Yes. We accept volunteers from all over the world

17. How are we selected?
When you register, we ask for the name and address of a person as your reference. This person should be someone who knows him well - such as being a teacher or employer. Then, we will contact this person, to ask for a reference. Usually, this is enough to make sure you are fit for a project.

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