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Volunteering  in Colombia


Travel guide Lonely Planet ranked Colombia second in its list of best countries to visit in 2017.

According to the Lonely Planet website: " Fast forward to the present day, and the lost years seem but a dust speck in Colombia’s rear-view mirror. There are no world wonders, but the country’s mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitality is a rich tapestry woven by welcoming arms. Over a decade into its dramatic about-face, this South American jewel is even expecting a visit from the world’s number-one".

Twice the size of France, and with a diversity of landscapes and cultures that would be hard to find even in countries five times its size, Colombia should by all rights be one of the world's top travel destinations: Andean summits, unspoiled Caribbean coast, enigmatic Amazon jungle, cryptic archaeological ruins and cobbled colonial communities. Colombia boasts all of South America's allure, and more. 

You can help in the  reconstruction of the comunities with a  amazing socio-cultural  project.

Colombia profile

Capital     Bogotá

Government   Republic

Currency   Colombian peso (COP)

Area         1,138,910km²

Population      45,393,050 

Language  Spanish

Religion     Catolich Roman 70.9%

Country Code +57


Proyecto Escuelas de Salsa-Cali-Valle

Volunteer in Colombia, dance in Cali is part of everyday life and deeply rooted in the local culture. Dance is used as a means to bring community together, also used for educative purposes at schools and youngs clubs. Volunteers with a background or passion in dance are welcome! 


Volunteer have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by creating workshops with the colombians dancers. Local students are eager to learn from the volunteers, and also share their knowledge of local dances. Volunteers should bring their laptop, music and camera.

Please keep in mind that it is difficult for volunteers to work alone without having dance or choreography experience, so some background in these areas is preferred.


Salsa schools competing in the Feria de Cali have a full year of intense work to prepare the many floats, costumes, music and dances. The schools are born from local favelas (urban slums) and most of the schools take their names from the community they represent. Each school unifies and proudly represents people from that community, and all Caleños (Cali-born colombians) also have their favorite school.
Volunteers help some of the leading salsa schools in the preparation of costumes or decoration of the floats – you don't need any special skills, just a willingness to help.

Spanish exchange

While you are helping you can also engage in some Spanish and English language exchange with your fellows . Volunteers are also welcome to go to the rehearsals at the Salsa school to see the amazing salsa dancers, hear the  campana (bell  musical) and hopefully learn some new moves.


Due to the strong mix of african, european and indigenous culture, Cali is a gastronomic paradise: soft pandebonos and almojabanas for breakfast, a exotical banana  and chicken soop at noon, to refresh the afternoon a delicious lulada or a champus together with snacks like chontaduro , marranitas or the rosquillas. Tamales wrapped in banana palm, fruit juices with exotic names: lulo, maracuya, guanabana, granadilla, curuba, etc. You will always find a surprise of flavor around the corner.








The Weekend

Cali is a vibrant city located in an interesting crossroads, which in your free time you can travel to the west to find the Pacific Ocean, if you travel south into the Andes you will find the colonial city of Popayan stopped in time. Towards the north of Cali you can travel to the Colombian coffee hub and get to know the beautiful coffee culture in its towns and cities

$ 270 US

From one week
  • PLACEMENT LOCATION:  Cali-Valle-Colombia

  • VOLUNTEER ROLE:  Dance Teacher, English Teacher, Make-up Teacher, costume assistant, costume repair, location repair, furniture repair, comunity manager and audiovisual edition.

  • LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: Urban zone , Cali is the 3º  city in Colombia, 24º C, near to the Pacific Ocean. International Airport. World Capital of Salsa.

  • ACCOMMODATIONVolunteer House

  • PRICE: From $ 270 US  per one week

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? Food, accommodation, transfers to and from our specified airport, transport to and from volunteering program where required,  induction and orientation, 24/7 support

  • WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED?  Flights, visa costs, spending money

  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT:  From 1 week

  • START DATES: Every Monday


Volunteer Project in a Dance School

Leisure activities

What's included? 


Pre-departure online training with our staff.

Airport pick-up and transportation.

Accommodation in a Volunteer House in a shared room.

3 Homemade meals in your host country (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Walking tour in destination Guidance and Security Program in the country

Local dance classes

Letter of recommendation (upon request)

Official Cetificado of Voluntary ServiceEmergency Contact Number 24/7

24/7 support and supervision in the country.

A Solidasur Volunteer T-Shirt

Lenght of Stay                       Program Cost US

1 week                                        $270


2 weeks                                      $350

4 weeks                                      $580

6 weeks                                      $780

7 weeks                                      $850

8 weeks                                     $1000


10 weeks                                   $1250

12 weeks                                   $1500

*All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$300 on top of the Program Fee (partially refundable until 60 days before your program start date*). A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.

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